My Netflix List:

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This is just kind of what my netflix looks like atm, it is a very big mess woth shows and movies everywhere. This is also I guess a reccomendation to shows and how I think they are like.

Shadow Hunters – Season 3 / Episode 8
The show Shadow Hunters is actually really good in my opinion, it is based off of the books “The Mortal Instruments” which I haven’t read the books but I have seen the movie and in my honest opinion don’t watch the movie, it just really sucks. The show on the other hand is really good, I like the whole wolves, witches, vampires thing, so if your into a lot of fighting and comlicated romance then watch it for sure.

Teen Wolf – Season 3 / Episode 23
Now I have seen all of Teen Wolf but I am re-watching it because I mean Teenwolf, who doesn’t want to see hot boys shirtless and a baby verison of Dylan O’Brien but that’s not the point, this show is just increible. The show does make you want to pull your hair out come times but my god it is incredible STEREK FOREVER

The Vampire Diaries – Season 7 / Episode 1
Now this series is the tye of series that everyone boost about and its a very “evryone need to watch” now I like this show but I have to be honest when I say thaat it gets a bit boring and half the time I just look up when certain eople come back or who dies and when… just so I can skip to them episodes but it is certainly worth the watch, well the first few season are.

The Originals – Season 3 / Episode 2
This I prefer a lot more then The Vamire Diaries but I had to ut it on hold because well the vamire diaries your kind of meant to watch before this show and thats what i’m doing but omg this show is just great.

Pretty Little Liars – Season 7 / Episode 7
I have really no words to describe this show but i’m pretty sure almost everyone has seen it so you should all know, there are a lot of things wrong with this show and it mainly about everything after seaon five or six, I don’t really remember.

Shamless – Season 4 / Episode 1
Everyone seems to either love this show or give it major crap but I personally adore this show, it’s very coming of age and very real life but very funny. I like to watch this show when I’m sad because I mean it’s hilarious and I can’t wait for the next seaosn to come out.

Jane the Virgin – Season 2 / Episode 2
This show is just wow, I love it but I think I need to skip to season three or at least half way through season two because I justt can’t at seaosn two it’s retty boring, no drama just baby stuff.

13 Reasons Why – finished season one and waiting for season two
Everyone has their own opinions about this show but I personaly loves it, i didn’t think that they romatised the message at all but actually brought some light onto it, since no one ever talks about that sought of thing and since i do know what I am talking about I needed to say that I actually felt very safe and comfortable with what they were implying and since i have experienced basically everything the message showed I could watch it again and again.

I honestly have more shows to talk about but I think here is a lot here so i might do a part 2

thanks for reading ❤



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